Indiegogo Featured Us as “Promising Prospect”

Indiegogo has selected Maloney Method’s Digital Reading Program as one of four Promising Prospects the day after our launch. This is fantastic news and shows how much potential this project has for changing lives (and changing minds). For a select period of time, an icon with the photo from our campaign will be placed as…

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We Have Lift Off! Fundraising with Indiegogo and You!

  What an exhilarating feeling! This week we launched our first Indiegogo campaign. The Maloney Method is raising funds in order to convert our powerful, proven, and successful reading program from ink and paper to digital audio and video. A digital reading program could reach millions of students struggling to learn how to read. A…

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Repeal the Law of Gravity – It’s Old and It Sucks

Yesterday I received a telephone call from a fellow educator. His dream is to build a digital conduit for teachers through which good ideas and good lesson plans could be shared. While I liked his excitement, I also noted my reservations, namely that well-designed lessons needed a certain quality. ·      They have to cover a domain…

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Count On It! – A Simple Solution for Gathering Frequency Data

One of the challenges of data collection is in the difficulty of recording an accurate count. Teachers and therapists cannot easily carry a clipboard and pen in classrooms or therapy sessions. Behavioral interventions require data. Decisions are made on the basis of the data collected. Decisions for program changes take into account the performance of…

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Behavior Analysis – Where a Little Knowledge is a Dangerous Thing

  Almost every classroom has at least oneobstreperous student, many have several. Some teachers have or develop ways to deal with these students, others don’t. These students are often removed from class, sent to the principal’s office, suspended or even expelled. In many cases, they will be diagnosed with some condition, emotionally disturbed, ADHD, etc. Such…

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Why a U.S. Government Agency Covers Up Proven Educational Methods While Millions of Children Become Illiterate

  It is naïve to pretend that science is free of bias and of political involvement. If it were, there would be no need for lobbyists in Washington from groups like the chemical and defense companies. “Science” may be conducted more for their benefit, than for its indisputable proofs. When influenced by “big tobacco”, some studies…

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Lose the Science, Lose the Kids

150 years ago, numerous perfectly healthy women died of “childbirth fever” in hospitals across the western world. Ignaz Semmelweiss solved the problem by introducing sterile procedures, like handwashing. He dramatically reduced deaths due to infections in his Vienna hospital. He was driven out of the hospital by his surgeon colleagues as his reward. The culture…

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How to Organize Your Home School Classroom

Just as important as setting an agenda for teaching lessons for your children is having the proper space organized that lends itself to the most conducive learning environment possible for both you and your children. In order to ensure that all of you are going to feel productive in your space, you’ll want to set…

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