On the Move Again – Update #55 on DRP – Apr 24

This has been a better week. 

Michael Summers and the Nesda crew showed us the first iteration of the prototype on Thursday. It looks great. We still have parts of the program to build, but things are once again going smoothly. They are going as fast as they an.

Andrew created a sample version of the first 5 lessons to give people a taste of what the system will look like. It is a fledgling version, but it does demonstrate the technology and opportunities we can offer with the finished program. We are sending the sample lessons to select colleagues for their review. 

Stripe and Indiegogo have not budged on the “we lost your account and we are keeping your money” position.

I have e-mailed Danea Ringelmann, the founder, but have had no response. I also sent her an IN-mail on Linked-In to which she has not responded. I checked with my bank and had them do a complete review of my accounts. It has never been deposited, although interest payment on the Reserved Funds have been deposited to my account – Yes, that is the same account that they cannot find!

My next step is to inform them of my intent to lodge a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. We have other arrows in our quiver.

I sent e-mails to two Indiegogo executives. They did not bounce back. I sent e-mails with a name spelled incorrectly for the same 2 people. Both Bounced back in less than a minute.  They indicate no phone numbers, no chat service and only questions with prefab answers. 

Wilf Wilkinson has managed to get our free lessons for parents up on the Rotary District 7070 website so that 54 Rotary clubs can distribute it to friends and family. It’s a good start.

More next week.


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