The Best of Times: The Worst of Times – He Will be Missed

This week our project lost a key supporter. Peter Smith, an early backer, died suddenly on Thursday, November 2019.  Peter was not yet 60 years old. He is a local community leader in numerous areas and will be sorely missed by anyone who knew him, especially his Rotary friends. Our condolences to Vicky and his family.

As we near the end of our second month of production, we can report 2 successes. The video shooting continues to run smoothly and slightly ahead of schedule. On Tuesday we begin shooting the last 30 of the 60 lesson level one program.

Nesda has also reported that the project remains on time and on budget.

Given these reports, we can expect to have a prototype of the first level of the Teach Your Children to Read Well digital program by mid-April.  This will be the most simple iteration of the program. We will add more features as funds are derived from the sale of the first edition.

We still have a complete month before we begin to be impacted by the holiday season. We will be driving hard to keep production at current levels.

Your faith and support is the life-blood of this project.  Thank you.


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