Humming Along With the Digital Reading Program Project

This week we reached our first milestone. We completed videotaping the first 15 of 60 lessons of the first level of Teach Your Children to Read Well one day ahead of schedule. Next week we are aiming for 3-5 more lessons completed. The preparation of the materials to be videotaped is taking the bulk of the time.

Meanwhile Michael Summers and his Nesda team have investe almost 60 hours into the shell into which the lessons will evntually be imbedded.

The best news is that, at the moment, we do not see any obstacles in our path to more progress.

I am now beginning work on a marketing plan. The plan will use Infusionsoft (a digital marketing program) and FaceBook to reach prospects, leads and existing clients.  It will contain videos, audio presentations and short informative articles (blogs).

Our marketing targets are many and varied – public schools, charter schools, private schools, NGOs involved in literacy, parents, homeschoolers, behavior therapist clinics, learning centres and individual practitioners.

I will keep you informed.

As always, we are grateful for your support. Together, we are going to change the lives of many children.


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