We Reached 30 Lessons! Update July 10, 2020


Today we completed the setup for Lesson #30, the last lesson in the first set of Teach Your Children to Read Well, in the Digital Reading Program! That’s a big milestone for us!

We are going to pause and turn our attention to getting this product launched by August 12, 2020.

Today we also finished preparation of a Power Point presentation for a webinar next Friday, July 17th. Invitations have been sent to 45,000 therapists who work with children with a variety of disabilities. We have also finished preparations for a webinar on July 15 with Adrianna Horne, the homeschooling mother off a 12 year old autistic son. Both webinars are being launched by Behavior Development Solutions of Connecticut. You are most welcome to join us for the small fee involved.

Adrianna Horne’s 2 hr. webinar is at 1:00 p.m. EDT on Wednesday, July 15th.

My one-hour launch of our new digital reading program  is at 1:00 p.m. EDT  on Friday, July 17th. Here is the link to DBS.

Google Behavior Development Services, click on CE Webinars as you scroll through their products. If you feel like looking at the slide show after July 17, you can view the public file by clicking here.

Milestone Reached, Journey Ahead

We have reached a marketing and advertising agreement with The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, the leading homeschooling periodical. It includes  boosted e-blasts to 300,000 homeschoolers, Ads on Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram.

Our free lessons for parents and teachers to help kids during the COVID pandemic is being successful. At this point, more than 17,000 lessons have been downloaded from the Maloney Method website. Wilf Wilkinson has also urged me not to wait until September to contact Rotary clubs who could provide subscriptions to struggling charter schools in New Orleans, but to launch the pilot program now. He is now starting to make the contacts.

We are in discussion with Xcelerate Corporation to provide us with a service that will convert children’s reading scores into charts, saving us having to develop our own system.

We also have our first nibbles. Two aboriginal bands, one in California and one in B.C. are looking to receive demo copies on August 12.

We still have a lot of work to get the website ready and to set up the Infusionsoft marketing program that will send e-mails to an additional several thousand parents, teachers and therapists. 

It is going to be a very busy 4 weeks until we launch. Thanks for hanging in with us. 





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