Soldiering On & Staying Calm, In Isolation – Update on DRP – Mar 27, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic is wreaking hell on everyone and everything, including the timelines for our digital reading project.  We are responding as best we can. Fortunately, Andrew and I are working from our home offices. Michael Summers has IT responsibilities with the Ministry of Health and has himself and some of his staff in their…

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One Foot in Front of the Other – Update on DRP – Mar 12, 2020

Our time will be dedicated to marketing to charter schools, homeschooling families and therapists who work with a variety of children-at-risk.

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Can’t Buy Experience – Update #46 on DRP – Feb 21, 2020

It’s a good thing that me, my company and Michael Summers have been here before.  If I still had my rookie card, I would most likely be pacing the floor and snarling at people.

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Working Out the Bugs – Update #47 on DRP – Mar 6, 2020

The shell for our project is now complete.  Thank you Nesda. Now it is time to work out the bugs. Michael Summers and I agreed on a completion date of March 16th, 2020 given that we allowed them a three-week interruption with our project to deal with a Nesda client’s emergency security needs.  They then…

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Back on Track – Update #45 on DRP – Feb 14, 2020

We are back on track at Nesda with our flu-bitten staff returning. We lose Monday as Family Day, but will be back on Tuesday.

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Poised for Progress – Update #43 on DRP – Feb 14, 2020

My dear Backers, The wait is over. Nesda has completed their unexpected project and as of Monday will return to developing the shell for our Digital Reading System. We have a new projected completion date of the end of the first week in March. At that point, we expect to integrate the first set of…

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It’s Flu Season – Update #44 on DRP – Feb 7

Good news – Andrew provided Nesda with the first set of lessons to add to the shell. 
Not-so-good news – Three programmers shared a flu bug…

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Going Nowhere Fast – Update #42 – Jan 24, 2020

   To help out my friend, Michael Summers,  we have allowed Nesda to set our project aside for 3 weeks to deal with a unexpected opportunity they received. They have one more week to complete that project and then we will get back on track.  According to Michael, they are close to finishing that project….

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Shifting Gears – Update on DRP

This week we finished the videos for Lesson 51 of 60. One week of time left for this part of the project and 9 lessons to complete. We are likely to get 5 to 6 more done in the next week, which will keep us ahead of our original schedule, but it does mark a…

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And the Beat Goes On! Update on Digital Reading Program

My dear backers,              We keep waiting for the shoe to drop as we press hard to get our project completed. So far, it has only been smooth sailing.               Andrew and I met today to complete the video shoot of Lesson 36. Initially, we…

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