Are We There Yet? Update on DRP Jun 19 2020

This week,  we are working on Lesson 20 of 60. We really only expected to hit Lesson 15, but things went better than expected.  We will try for another five next week. When we get to Lesson 30 of 60, we will have one full program of the hardcopy series completed. We will start marketing…

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Chugging Along – Update on DRP June 12 2020

This week had one significant breakthrough. We have resolved the issue of measuring the progress by the students on how well they are learning their sounds, their word lists made from those sounds and the stories constructed from words they can now read. The next set of lessons is ready to be uploaded. Andrew is…

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Feels Like Groundhog Day – Update on DRP June 5, 2020

Webinar – Autism, Behavior Analysis, Education       I am co-hosting with Adrianna Horne, the homeschooling mother of Samuel, an autistic 10 year old who has significantly improved his reading, math and language skills this year using Maloney Method. It will be a hands-on session with interactive features so that we can  answer therapist’s…

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In the Belly of the Beast – Update on DRP May 29, 2020

I haven’t heard from Andrew in days. I see a constant steam of emails passing between him and Michael Summers – all very technical, all in Geek. I have no idea where we are except that Andrew is in the belly of the beast.  He and Michael seem calm and organized, so I am going…

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Pounding Down the Home Stretch – Update on DRP – May 22, 2020

Here’s what our progress looks like. Our Digital Reading Program has several important pieces. First is the behavior management section that allows instructors…

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A Turn In The Right Direction – Update on DRP – May 15, 2020

More good news this week! We are editing and loading  ever more lessons into the module. The reward system that awards students with points for diligent work is now heading towards completion. The measurement system for determining progress in how well the  student is learning sounds, words and stories is being programmed. This will likely…

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Things Keep Looking Up – Update on DRP – May 8, 2020

Michael S of Nesda and Andrew are pushing the development program as fast as they can. This week a couple of more important pieces were added. Andrew is becoming more deeply involved in the technical complexities of the program which will be a great benefit once Nesda turns the reins over to us. They will…

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First Prototype is Here!!! – Update #56 on DRP – May 1, 2020

This has been a banner day!  Today, Michael Summers and his Nesda crew sent us the first version of the prototype to test. It is loaded with 5 of the 60 lessons. There are still things to add such as the measurement system and there will likely be minor changes to make, but we now…

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A Mixed Bag – Update on DRP – Apr 17, 2020

This week has been a challenge. There is some good news – we have successfully added more than 100 carefully designed lessons from our reading and math materials for parents and teachers to download from our website and use for free. Here is the link for the first 30 lessons of our Teach Your Children…

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From Bad to Worse – Update on DRP – Apr 3, 2020

Complete Transparency for My Backers
Sometimes you feel like if you did not have bad luck, you would have no luck at all.

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