April 30 – May 1, Toronto Live Training Session



How Much?

1 day – $149.00
2 days – $199.00

Who should attend?

Autism Therapists/Supervisors/Agency Owners
Special Ed Teachers/ Supervisors/Special Ed Directors

Here’s a Challenge!!!

Does your treatment/teaching method contain all six of these benefits?

Can you answer “Yes” to each of these 6 questions?

Learning Outcomes/Behavioral Objectives

1. Can anyone understand your treatment plans because they are completely documented and include precise achievement outcome measures for each behavior to be changed?
Yes No

Client/Classroom Management

2. Do you have immediately available options for effectively managing the behavior of difficult clients?
Yes No


3. Does your instruction work because it is empirically proven to be the best on the planet or are you using a patchwork and winging it?
Yes No


4. Do you have empirical evidence at the end of every session with every client to demonstrate today’s progress or the lack of it?
Yes No


5. Does you method incorporate daily practice routines that hold you and your clients accountable for everything you have taught?
Yes No


6. Can you consistently produce 2 years of learning gains per year for each of your clients in each area of curriculum?
Yes No


Can I please assist you by adding a few new tools to your efforts?

Registration – restricted to first 50 registrants

By Phone 1-877-368-1513
By Website: www.maloneymethod.com
By e-mail: michael@maloneymethod.com
By Snail Mail
Michael Maloney
c/o Maloney Method, 208 Front St., P.O. Box 908, Belleville, ON K8N 5B6
Materials: All training materials are provided.

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