Science Delayed is Science Denied


line_figure_angry_400_wht_10098In 1997, Dr Cathy Watkins published her monograph, Project Follow Through.
The abstract reads;  Project Follow Through, originally conceived in 1967 as a social action program to extend Head Start into the primary grades, became an educational experiment aimed at finding effective methods of teaching disadvantaged children. Follow Through, in effect, created a national learning laboratory, providing a unique opportunity to study the effectiveness of a variety of educational  methods. The results indicated that the Direct Instruction model and to a lesser degree , the Behavior Analysis model provided viable solutions to the problem of teaching disadvantaged children. Yet the results have been virtually ignored by the educational establishment. This paper presents a case history of Project Follow Through and examines the factors that have led the educational establishment to ignore teaching methods that are effective in aising the academic achievement of disadvantaged children.
We have had these tools for 50 years. Right now, 25% of our kids are illiterate. What are we waiting for?

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