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Why a U.S. Government Agency Covers Up Proven Educational Methods While Millions of Children Become Illiterate

It is naïve to pretend that science is free of bias and of political involvement.  If it were, there would be no need for lobbyists in Washington from groups like the chemical and defense companies. “Science” may be conducted more for their benefit, than for its indisputable proofs. When influenced by “big tobacco”, some studies…

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Ending the Crisis of Illiteracy – What Almost 50 Years in the Special Education Trenches has Taught Me

The Crisis of Illiteracy is Real As of today, 15,000,000 school-aged children across North America are behind in literacy skills. 25% of Americans cannot decode words at a Grade 8 level. One-third of North Americans have never read a single book. Almost 50% of North Americans cannot understand information written at a Grade 8 level….

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