Academic Child Neglect – One Representative Case Study

My nephew’s wife mentioned that their 12 year old son had recently been reported to be having difficulties in school. The worried parents had arranged for a psychological assessment . They were told that he had a condition known as dysgraphia – the inability to express himself clearly in written English. Having been a teacher,…

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Why a U.S. Government Agency Covers Up Proven Educational Methods While Millions of Children Become Illiterate

  It is naïve to pretend that science is free of bias and of political involvement. If it were, there would be no need for lobbyists in Washington from groups like the chemical and defense companies. “Science” may be conducted more for their benefit, than for its indisputable proofs. When influenced by “big tobacco”, some studies…

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Why Doesn’t Your School Care That Johnny Didn’t Learn to Read?

Why doesn’t your school care that Johnny didn’t learn to read? Fact:  This year 35% of the children leaving first grade did not learn to read. Fact:    85% of these children will never learn to read and will become illiterate. Fact:    A high school student drops out of school every 26 seconds. Fact:  …

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Why Our Schools Are Failing- Part 4

  Helping to Change Our Schools by Increasing Literacy – Part 4 Introduction The Amarok Society project in Dhaka Bangladesh is a microscopic version of what might become a literacy epidemic. The environment had most, if not all, of the required conditions; A fledgling Connector – me A Maven – Dr. Tanyss Munro – an expert…

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Helping our Schools by Increasing Student Literacy – Part 3

  Blog #106- Helping our schools by increasing student literacy.  – Part 3   Introduction   One possibility for helping to change schools is to create a literacy epidemic of the type reported in Malcolm Gladwell’s book Tipping Point which was described in the last blog (Blog #105). Gladwell points out that certain environmental circumstances…

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Why Our Schools Are Failing – Part 5: A Second Solution

Why Our Schools Are Failing – Part 5   A Second Solution   It is possible that schools could quickly and universally adopt methods that have irrefutable research backgrounds to support them, such as Behavior Analysis, Direct Instruction, and Precision Teaching. That is unlikely to happen. There are simply too few knowledgeable practitioners to train,…

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Why Our Schools Are Failing: Part 1

    Blog #99 – Why our schools are failing.   Introduction   25% of North Americans are functionally illiterate. A student drops out of school every 16 seconds. 50+ percent of college students require remedial courses in math and reading. 50% of Americans cannot understand material written at an Eighth Grade level. 85% of…

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Teach Your Children Well Book Bits Interview

     The Teach Your Children Well   Book Bits Interview. Michael Maloney’s first book, Teach Your Children Well  is an award-winning, best –seller and is becoming a classic in its field. The book describes the causes and effects of illiteracy in North America.   Lots of books do that. Michael’s book differs from the pack in…

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Will Your Child Drop Out Of School?

The Problem According to U.S. Dept of Education statistics, a high school student drops out of school every 26 seconds. In most cases, they see themselves as having little or no hope of graduating. Seventy percent of those who return to school for a second chance drop out again. Less than 20% of those who…

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New Statistics: Almost 30% of Alabama College Students Require Remedial Education

An article appeared in the Dothan Eagle yesterday morning. It is a sample of the current state of literacy in America. Some of its findings include: Nearly a third of first-year college students have to take remedial reading or math classes This costs colleges money because they must invest dollars and staff in providing remedial…

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