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The End of an Era – Siegfried Engelmann

Zig Engelmann, Creator of Direct Instruction, has passed away. Zig Engelmann created the Direct Instruction system of instruction. Direct Instruction placed first in every category in Project Follow Through, the longest, most exhaustive, most expensive, comparative research project ever conducted in the education of children at risk of school failure in the United States. Zig…

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The Science and Success of Engelmann’s Direct Instruction

An Eye-Opening Book Review As consumers of academic goods and services, most parents are hopelessly ignorant. They simply do not know an effective program from an ineffective one. They rely on the recommendations of teachers, principals, special needs specialists, doctors, psychologists and other professionals. Parents are generally adept at perceiving that something is amiss with…

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Lying About and Cheating with the Evidence

Teaching Reading – The Lies and Deceit in Studies of Evidence-Based Research In Jean Stockard’s recently published book, The Science and Success of Engelmann’s Direct Instruction, the author reviews how educational research is chosen and publicized and how agencies lie to us about scientific research in education. An Example of Good Science – Project Follow…

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Three Critical Components of Teaching a Lesson

Zig Engelmann taught me this as part of my Direct Instruction training after I had been doing it wrong for a number of years. Instruction is a situation in which you need pure communication.

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14 Key Components of Effective Instructional Design in Teaching

Now that we are aware that teacher-generated lesson plans are essentially best-guess, unproven entities, in which the children function as guinea pigs, we need to know what alternatives exist and what they have to offer.

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