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The Beat Goes On – Update Sept 4 2020

Technology There are fewer flaws in our app as a result of this week’s testing. We are still trapping bugs and will continue to do so. We have expanded our group of testers and will continue to add to their numbers as fixes are made so that each latest version can be vetted by “new…

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Getting Ready For Market – Update July 17 2020

Level 1A of Teach Your Children to Read Well is now complete. That’s 30 reading lessons ready for digital and video presentation! Andrew has also prepared  the next 15 lessons so we have 45 of the 60 lessons completed or very close to completion. With some luck, we could finish the rest of level one in…

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Lying About and Cheating with the Evidence

Teaching Reading – The Lies and Deceit in Studies of Evidence-Based Research In Jean Stockard’s recently published book, The Science and Success of Engelmann’s Direct Instruction, the author reviews how educational research is chosen and publicized and how agencies lie to us about scientific research in education. An Example of Good Science – Project Follow…

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Beginning Reading – Teaching Sounds and Symbols

As everyone knows, the first major task in teaching someone of any age to read is to teach them how to match the sounds to the symbols used to depict words in any particular written language.

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Teaching Your Students to Read: 2 Choices

When teaching your students to read, you have two choices:

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