Steady, Steady – Update Oct 3 2020

I have a number of webinars between October 15 and November 9th with behavior therapists… a six-part set of free webinars on the methods used by our app. The attending therapists can…

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Torrid Week of Activity – The Launch, The Celebration – Update Sept 26

The Launch – During the first 3 days, 30 people downloaded the Try It free 5 lesson package….
A Celebration – The MM team hosted a champagne luncheon for the Nesda Team as a thank you for…

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We are Now Live All Over the World! Update Sept 19 2020

Official Launch As of Tuesday late afternoon, we have successfully launched the first segment of our digital app.  The initial 30 lessons of Teach Your Children to Read Well  are available through our Digital Learning APP. A few days before, a sample pack of the first 5 lessons was offered for free.  We have a TRY …

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The Final Exam – Update Sept 12 2020

Development The Teach Your Children Well digital reading app is now a tested prototype. It is in the final stages of beta testing and is functioning smoothly.  We have successfully managed to get our first cadre of 12 testers through the process of using the program. We are now about to launch a second cadre of testers…

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The Beat Goes On – Update Sept 4 2020

Technology There are fewer flaws in our app as a result of this week’s testing. We are still trapping bugs and will continue to do so. We have expanded our group of testers and will continue to add to their numbers as fixes are made so that each latest version can be vetted by “new…

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When Software Starts to Look Like a Pandemic – Update Aug 28 2020

Testing the app  This week has been dedicated to testing the first 30 lessons of the digital software app. Its a little like fighting a pandemic without a vaccine. Your best defence is to test everything to see that it has not been infected. When you are done, you get to do it all over…

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Quiet Week of Beta Testing – Update on Digital Learning App Aug 21 2020

17 beta testers are squashing bugs if they can find any. There are some issues getting potential clients registered in the system. Most are a function of the customer’s device, not the system.  We are tracking and recording their issues and will write directions to correct the problems. The system itself runs like a charm…

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If It Were This Easy – Update on Digital Learning Aug 7 2020

Lots to Report This Week – Some Good , Some Bad. Here’s the Bad News First: Past Rotary International President Wilf Wilkinson fell on the steps of his church last Friday evening and fractured his hip in more than one place. He underwent surgery on Saturday and was in hospital for several days. As best…

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A Long and Winding Road – Update on Digital Learning System Aug 1 2020

Another glitch. Another solution. Now to just go from one to the other…        WordPress, the platform from which our website was constructed, uses something called “plug-ins” to maintain the system. Apparently, some of these plug-ins were customized to our original site. When WordPress updates plug-ins, the customizations sometimes get lost or no…

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We Reached 30 Lessons! Update July 10, 2020

Today we completed the setup for Lesson #30, the last lesson in the first set of Teach Your Children to Read Well, in the Digital Reading Program! That’s a big milestone for us! We are going to pause and turn our attention to getting this product launched by August 12, 2020. Today we also finished…

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