A Mixed Bag – Update on DRP – Apr 17, 2020


This week has been a challenge. There is some good news – we have successfully added more than 100 carefully designed lessons from our reading and math materials for parents and teachers to download from our www.maloneymethod.com website and use for free.

Here is the link for the first 30 lessons of our
Teach Your Children to Read Well – Level 1A

        We have not circulated the news widely because we still have to tinker with the website to make sure it works as planned.  Next week, we will add more lessons and disseminate the news more broadly. It’s a bit like re-opening the economy after a pandemic – you don’t want to act too early  and have it to blow up in your face.

Stay tuned for more free lessons.

In this crisis, we have your backs, and we have your resources.

        The less happy news is that Indiegogo has not sent us our $5,100.00 in reserve funds despite my best efforts to contact them. I have managed to find one person who works for them, thanks to Andrew Finkle. I have contacted this person but have had no reply. I am about to unleash a new strategy that will hopefully garner a response.

          The key programmer for our project is no longer at Nesda. Michael and his crew are trying to determine what is completed, what remains to be done and how soon we will have a product. 

        Like most service companies, our revenues have dropped sharply as a result of the Covid-19 epidemic. We are managing as best we can, but the threat of insolvency does hang over us as it does for many other small businesses. Because we have some revenue from book sales and consulting, we do not qualify for the federal government’s financial aid packages. We will watch our pennies and keep you informed.

         ‘Til then, we will hunker down and keep our powder dry. At least we do not yet know of anyone who has been struck by the virus.  Be careful. Be well.

        The opera lady is not yet singing.


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