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A Mixed Bag – Update on DRP – Apr 17, 2020

This week has been a challenge. There is some good news – we have successfully added more than 100 carefully designed lessons from our reading and math materials for parents and teachers to download from our www.maloneymethod.com website and use for free. Here is the link for the first 30 lessons of our Teach Your Children…

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From Bad to Worse – Update on DRP – Apr 3, 2020

Complete Transparency for My Backers
Sometimes you feel like if you did not have bad luck, you would have no luck at all.

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Going Nowhere Fast – Update #42 – Jan 24, 2020

   To help out my friend, Michael Summers,  we have allowed Nesda to set our project aside for 3 weeks to deal with a unexpected opportunity they received. They have one more week to complete that project and then we will get back on track.  According to Michael, they are close to finishing that project….

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This Week’s Featured Perk – The 5 Year Subscription, August 26 – September 2

Imagine an entire K-8 Reading Program delivered digitally! This could save time and stress for teachers, tutors, parents and education therapists!  But most importantly, this delivers consistent and reliable lessons to the students. No more frustration or confusion! This the power of direct instruction, clear objectives and measurement based on fluency! All from the successful…

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Latest News – Indiegogo Fundraising Campaign, August 23, 2019

We have now collected all but one of our biggest pledges and it is in process as I write. With any luck, we will hit $40,000 by the end of the weekend. We are in the slowdown portion of the campaign that is predicted to follow the launch. We have added three short postings to…

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University of West Florida / Maloney Method Launch Successful

The joint venture pilot project of the University of West Florida and Maloney Method.com has launched successfully with higher registration numbers than expected. The 12-week course teaches an amalgamated behavior methods system and provides 12 Continuing Education Credits for those who complete the 6 modules. Each module includes a presentation, followed one week later by…

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