We Predicted This – Update on DRP Jan 10, 2020

The other shoe has finally dropped. As of today, we finally hit the bump that we have anticipated from the outset. Nesda Technologies has been offered a very critical contract on an emergency basis. They need all hands on deck for a period of three weeks to get the situation under control. Michael Summers asked me if we could possibly cut him and his programmers three weeks of slack.  For many reasons, I am prepared to accommodate him.

         Andrew is busy editing the 60 lessons that will become the final video product. He will need much more than 3 weeks to complete it.  The hiatus will not affect the marketing efforts and may possibly not have much of an impact on the launch of the final product. If we had to have a disruption, this is about as good as it gets.  Having worked with Michael on and off for 35 years, I know that he will take special care of us when we bend to help his company.

        I have begun a marketing plan for a pilot program with the charter schools of New Orleans, Louisiana.  Ninety-three percent of New Orlean’s students attend charter schools which are funded like other schools by state and federal grants. This is the greatest percentage of charter school attendees in the U.S. There are 19 other American cities that have 30% or more of their students enrolled in charter schools. These cities also have Rotary and other service clubs as well as fraternal organizations. We will start with some schools (5-10) in one city (NOLA) and involve one service club (Rotary). Small steps for little feet.

Rotary International has education targets and goals for each local club

        Rotary clubs have a mandate to support educational activities on a yearly basis.  In brief, we intend to get Rotary clubs to buy discounted subscriptions of our program and gift them to the almost 30 charter schools that are not reaching their annual expected reading goals. We are offering a discount for a bundle of 10 subscriptions. The bundle could serve enough students to raise the grades during the testing period a year from now. We will have the assistance of Past President of Rotary International Wilf Wilkinson to guide us and to help open a few doors.

    Once the pilot is successful, we will approach other service clubs and fraternal organizations and roll the project out to include other public schools, libraries and other literacy settings in a variety of locations.

In the coming weeks, I will continue to work on the marketing plans for other prospective customers.



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