A Technical Glitch – Delayed Update on DRP

On New Year’s Eve day, Lynne and I arrived in Myrtle Beach SC. We are not in our usual Garden Home 41, but that is another story. The change forced adaptations as to how we set up my office during which we discovered that the router would not provide the service we needed for our computers and VOIP phone. We finally got it sorted late yesterday afternoon, too late for a Friday Update. My apologies.

         As to the project, all is well. Andrew and I did complete all 60 lessons of Level 1. This is really big news!

He will now review each of the couple of thousand individual files for errors, omissions and flaws. He will provide Nesda with a series of lessons so that they can incorporate them into the shell and test them.

        Nesda reports steady progress, few surprises and a firm release date of February 15. 

        The budget is holding if only barely, so we are likely to finish production of the critical first level on time and on budget. The 180 lessons of the last 3 levels will be created much more quickly and easily than Level 1 where all of the heavy lifting happens. That will only begin when we have earned revenue from our initial launch.

        I am beginning to formulate the sales and marketing plans so that we can launch as soon as we are certain that the product is ready and working.

        We have several different markets including public school systems, charter schools, private schools, therapy centers for children at risk, homeschoolers, parents with children who are poor readers, foster care agencies and last, but not least Rotary clubs who are expected to have a literacy project every year.

         I will keep you posted. Please send any suggestions for marketing and sales. Thanks for your continued support.



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