Shifting Gears – Update on DRP


This week we finished the videos for Lesson 51 of 60. One week of time left for this part of the project and 9 lessons to complete. We are likely to get 5 to 6 more done in the next week, which will keep us ahead of our original schedule, but it does mark a shift in gears for the project.

Our production is pretty significant in terms of thinking that we could create videos for 30 lessons by this time when we began in October.

Whatever lessons we do not finish, we will do in April. Once the first 10 lessons were completed, we had a sufficient amount of material to test the entire system when Nesda completes the shell. The rest of the lessons replicate the pattern and should be added to the shell with little or no difficulty.

       Nesda has had a blip of activity which was unexpected, so this week they did not construct as much code as predicted. I discussed this with Michael Summers. He has no concern about costs, but intimated that the completion date might be affected. We have left time for delays, so at this point, I am content not to interfere. A change in gears might mean a change in speed, but not in direction.

       On Friday next, Andrew and I will meet with the Nesda team to look at a demonstration of the work so far. I will report on the outcome next week.

        Meanwhile, I am sketching out the marketing plan and making decisions as to which group of potential clients we will approach first.  Our first incursion will be an Infusionsoft campaign of 20+ e-mails and videos to the first group that we have chosen. These videos outline the problem, its consequences and our solution with a call to action. We literally have contacts currently with more than 100,000 professionals who could benefit from the program.  We are taking the sales and marketing project in a series of small steps.

        As ever, we will report back to you and would appreciate any guidance you might provide. Please feel free to make suggestions. It’s your money that we are spending and we want to make certain that our backers are involved.



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