One Finish Line in Sight – Update on DRP

Just one more work session will finish the videotaping of all 60 lessons of Maloney Method’s Teach Your Children to Read Well, the complete first level of the digital reading program.

   We now have recorded approximately 2000 computer files of materials. We have every right to celebrate because we did not expect to get this much done so quickly and with so few problems.

   Andrew gets most of the credit for this accomplishment because he has done the lion’s share of the work. On December 27th, Andrew and I will finish the final one and one half lessons.

    On the Nesda side, we are making steady progress.  According to Michael Summers, we are 70% complete with no indication of obstacles. We now have a firm deliverable date for the first iteration of the entire product. We will be unveiling the product on February 15th, 2020, about 6 weeks ahead of schedule at our current rate. This will include some fundamental bench testing to make sure everything works. Andrew will work with Kyle from Nesda, immersing himself in the more technical aspects of the product. This should save us maintenance costs as he will likely be able to solve at least some of the glitches that are certain to come as we roll the product out.

     I am lining up practitioners, including some donors, who operate learning centers or are homeschooling an autistic child. We will provide them with demonstration copies of the entire program for field testing. The program, even for field testing has substantial security systems to protect our intellectual property.

    Everyone is taking a break between Christmas and New Years. I doubt that Michael Summers will, as he has not done so in the 40 years of our history. My family is coming from Vermont and each of our Canadian grandchildren is involved in hockey tournaments (Who knew?).

    We still have sufficient funds to complete the development as long as we do not get any ugly surprises. I have every confidence in the team, its superb toolkit of skills, its motivation and its tenacity.  All that is left is to wish each and every one of our backers a safe and happy Christmas.



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