Skip Counting’s Importance to Arithmetic

I am currently assisting in a research project with faculty and staff from the University of Ottawa. The project will teach tutors to provide effective reading and math programs to approximately 80 foster children who are wards of two Children’s Aid Societies.  This work is a replication of a previous, successful research project led byContinue reading “Skip Counting’s Importance to Arithmetic”

Local Learning Centre’s Work Goes Global

Press Release Sept. 17:  Maloney Method program featured at Copenhagen Social Research Conference The Maloney Method teaching system was featured this month at a major European social research conference in Copenhagen, Denmark. Dr. Robert Flynn of U of Ottawa presented a study on the effects of training foster parents to tutor foster children in readingContinue reading “Local Learning Centre’s Work Goes Global”

Case Study: 2 Grade Levels in 36 Hours

Introduction: Working With Foster Children In March, 2008, my learning centre, QLC Educational Services, was contacted by the Highland Shores CAS to determine if we could assist 11 foster children in their care who were thought to have reading problems and as a result, were behind in school.

University of Ottawa Research Lauds the Maloney Method’s Effectiveness for Tutors

Researchers at the University of Ottawa recently submitted their conclusions from the RESPs for Kids in Care project. This project studied the effectiveness of using the Maloney Method as a tool for tutoring foster children. Read more to find out their conclusions.