Why a U.S. Government Agency Covers Up Proven Educational Methods While Millions of Children Become Illiterate

  It is naïve to pretend that science is free of bias and of political involvement. If it were, there would be no need for lobbyists in Washington from groups like the chemical and defense companies. “Science” may be conducted more for their benefit, than for its indisputable proofs. When influenced by “big tobacco”, some studies…

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University of West Florida / Maloney Method Launch Successful

The joint venture pilot project of the University of West Florida and Maloney has launched successfully with higher registration numbers than expected. The 12-week course teaches an amalgamated behavior methods system and provides 12 Continuing Education Credits for those who complete the 6 modules. Each module includes a presentation, followed one week later by…

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Local Learning Centre’s Work Goes Global

Press Release Sept. 17:  Maloney Method program featured at Copenhagen Social Research Conference The Maloney Method teaching system was featured this month at a major European social research conference in Copenhagen, Denmark. Dr. Robert Flynn of U of Ottawa presented a study on the effects of training foster parents to tutor foster children in reading…

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Why Doesn’t Your School Care That Johnny Didn’t Learn to Read?

Why doesn’t your school care that Johnny didn’t learn to read? Fact:  This year 35% of the children leaving first grade did not learn to read. Fact:    85% of these children will never learn to read and will become illiterate. Fact:    A high school student drops out of school every 26 seconds. Fact:  …

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Practical Homeschooling Readers Award Winner!

Publisher Wins Prestigious Award Belleville ON May 2014 QLC Educational Services of Belleville and its publishing company have been selected for an international award by the leading homeschooling magazine, Practical Homeschooling. Readers of the periodical selected the company’s reading series, Teach Your Children to Read Well, for its reading programs. The Teach Your Children to…

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Helping Our Schools Increase Literary Skills: Part 7

Helping Our Schools by Increasing Literacy – Triggering an Epidemic Mary had a plan She got the principal’s and the parent’s permission to do the reading screening from the website with the school’s students. She got her book club to give up a session and to spend a day listening  to the children do the…

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New Statistics: Almost 30% of Alabama College Students Require Remedial Education

An article appeared in the Dothan Eagle yesterday morning. It is a sample of the current state of literacy in America. Some of its findings include: Nearly a third of first-year college students have to take remedial reading or math classes This costs colleges money because they must invest dollars and staff in providing remedial…

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Case Study: 2 Grade Levels in 36 Hours

Introduction: Working With Foster Children In March, 2008, my learning centre, QLC Educational Services, was contacted by the Highland Shores CAS to determine if we could assist 11 foster children in their care who were thought to have reading problems and as a result, were behind in school.

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Maloney Method Featured in “Practical Homeschooling” Magazine

Mary Pride, the publisher of Practical Homeschooling and the founder of the world’s most-visited homeschool web site (Home School World), profiles the success of Michael Maloney and the Maloney Method.    

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