The Book Nook

Do You Have a Book Nook? Is there a place in your home where a child can hide out with a book? No, I don’t mean with a flashlight under his blanket in bed. It’s a more permanent small space that is dedicated to books and reading. The corner of a more quiet room would…

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Summer Project Suggestion: Teach the Joys of Fishing

One of the most romantic images of summer is a picture of kids fishing in a lake or stream. I swear that every photo I have ever seen of kids fishing must have been staged or doctored because that’s not what I remember happening. Mostly I remember Kids catching “weedfish” ; long green aquatic plants…

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School’s Out for Summer – Now What?

In a few more days, millions of students start summer vacation. No classes, no homework no projects and for many not much learning. Parents often worry that students will forget some of the skills they learned this year. They have every right to be concerned. Here’s why. The Concept: Test How Much Kids Forget During…

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