Teach Your Children Well Book Bits Interview

     The Teach Your Children Well   Book Bits Interview. Michael Maloney’s first book, Teach Your Children Well  is an award-winning, best –seller and is becoming a classic in its field. The book describes the causes and effects of illiteracy in North America.   Lots of books do that. Michael’s book differs from the pack in…

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Real Teaching Tools That You Can Use

N.B. For the next long time, I am going to be writing blogs that will provide you with specific strategies to help your child in reading, writing, math, reading comprehension, spelling, grammar, composition and creative writing. During the past year in my weekly blogs, I have described each of the pieces of the Maloney Method….

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How Common Human Frequencies Affect Learning: One Concrete Example of a Fundamental Academic Skill

Much of what students do in school on a day-to-day basis involves using a pen, marker or pencil. The productivity of students in their use of these tools varies widely. Humans can create 150 to 160 legible characters or numerals per minute. Sometimes students are far from being able to write letters or numbers at…

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