Practical Homeschooling Readers Award Winner!

Publisher Wins Prestigious Award Belleville ON May 2014 QLC Educational Services of Belleville and its publishing company have been selected for an international award by the leading homeschooling magazine, Practical Homeschooling. Readers of the periodical selected the company’s reading series, Teach Your Children to Read Well, for its reading programs. The Teach Your Children to…

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Teach Your Children Well Book Bits Interview

     The Teach Your Children Well   Book Bits Interview. Michael Maloney’s first book, Teach Your Children Well  is an award-winning, best –seller and is becoming a classic in its field. The book describes the causes and effects of illiteracy in North America.   Lots of books do that. Michael’s book differs from the pack in…

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Why School Textbooks are Incomprehensible

Here you sit at the kitchen table with your 6th grade student trying to do a math assignment. If you are lucky, he has brought home his math textbook. Consider yourself lucky, in one way, because many schools no longer allow kids to bring home textbooks. The dog eats too many of them and textbooks…

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